Bee Log – May

22 May

May, and some of April – it has been busy while I stepped away from making updates. The weather has been cooperative this spring.  Wet, but not too wet.  A mixture of warm and cold, but not too cold.  The … Read More »

Bee Log – March 2017

18 Mar

Spring, the official start, is just around the corner.   Weather has been fickle, incredibly warm days, a bit of rain, lots of bee flights and population build-up.  Pollen has been rolling – until a nor’easter hit.  Loads of ice, … Read More »

Bee Log – July

25 Jul

Buzzing was slowing down, food sources near us are becoming light. Mid-month, we were planning to inspect and pull honey.  The weather didn’t align with our free time.  We tabled the work until we returned from our family vacation. Not … Read More »

Bee Log – June

25 Jul

June didn’t have much hands on for the bees – they were buzzing about, doing what bees do:  collecting pollen, collecting nectar, converting nectar to honey. We did add medium supers to a few hives, six boxes in place – … Read More »

Bee Log – May 2016

29 May

It was a busy month. The 2 nucs arrived early in the month. The 2 splits slowly took to full. The weather was atrocious.  Cold, Rain, more core and more rain.  It wasn’t until the last week of May that … Read More »

Bee Log – April 2016

27 Apr

Swarm! Actually, all three hives swarmed.  Even though we added space before any queen cups were made, the light winter and early season bounty lead to great bee conditions. The Observation Hive, that one we wanted to see swarm.  We … Read More »

Bee Log – 2016 (late March)

25 Mar

All three hives (Left, Right (Main), and Observation) have survived the winter.  Winter was very mild.  This is Holy Week, leading to Easter – the family was off from school and temps hit the 70’s.  We took advantage and prepared … Read More »

Bee Log – 2016 (January 31)

31 Jan

2016’s Bee year really began before Thanksgiving.  My son and I started planning for the new year then. Today is January 31, 2016.  We have 3 hives today.  Two more will arrive around April.  We’ve purchased two nucleus hives.  The … Read More »