Bee Log – May 2016

29 May

It was a busy month. The 2 nucs arrived early in the month. The 2 splits slowly took to full. The weather was atrocious.  Cold, Rain, more core and more rain.  It wasn’t until the last week of May that … Read More »

Bee Log – April 2016

27 Apr

Swarm! Actually, all three hives swarmed.  Even though we added space before any queen cups were made, the light winter and early season bounty lead to great bee conditions. The Observation Hive, that one we wanted to see swarm.  We … Read More »

Bee Log – 2016 (late March)

25 Mar

All three hives (Left, Right (Main), and Observation) have survived the winter.  Winter was very mild.  This is Holy Week, leading to Easter – the family was off from school and temps hit the 70’s.  We took advantage and prepared … Read More »

Bee Log – 2016 (January 31)

31 Jan

2016’s Bee year really began before Thanksgiving.  My son and I started planning for the new year then. Today is January 31, 2016.  We have 3 hives today.  Two more will arrive around April.  We’ve purchased two nucleus hives.  The … Read More »

Blizzard of 2016

23 Jan

Snow.  The storm is raging.  It absolutely feels like winter in New Jersey. Our storm preparation involves a few things.  Nothing excessive, I no longer live in an area where snow could get you disconnected from the world for 3-4 … Read More »

Lip Balm

12 Jan

Winter is here, at least according to the calendar.  With cold, dry weather expected, and with little daylight, I decided to try homemade lip balm as a mini-project. Although I will occasionally use the product that went from Whitehall-Robins to … Read More »