Bee Log – September

20 Sep

Mite treatments were pulled – the strips become less potent, leaving them risks developing immunity to the treatment.  And goldenrod is here – just in case some had extra stores, we couldn’t leave the strips and collect. Unfortunately, not many … Read More »

Bee Log – August

24 Aug

Lots going on. Observation Hive:  They rapidly built out the comb (one deep frame was just foundation when syrup started).  1:1 mix has been replenished every 2nd or 3rd day.  Apivar strip was cut down to fit in the tube. … Read More »

Early August – Bee Log

5 Aug

Our first honey collection and bottling took place in mid July.  45 pounds were bottled.  All in 1 lb jars.  It took around 10 minutes for each to be claimed, by repeat customers. We still have honey on the hives … Read More »

Bee Log – July 2017

20 Jul

Honey Collection – first phase:  We collected about half of the frames on July 16.  Around 9 gallons, so far.  The second half will wait until capped – or until I run out of patience.  🙂 We had one hive … Read More »

Bee Log – May

22 May

May, and some of April – it has been busy while I stepped away from making updates. The weather has been cooperative this spring.  Wet, but not too wet.  A mixture of warm and cold, but not too cold.  The … Read More »

Bee Log – March 2017

18 Mar

Spring, the official start, is just around the corner.   Weather has been fickle, incredibly warm days, a bit of rain, lots of bee flights and population build-up.  Pollen has been rolling – until a nor’easter hit.  Loads of ice, … Read More »

Bee Log – July

25 Jul

Buzzing was slowing down, food sources near us are becoming light. Mid-month, we were planning to inspect and pull honey.  The weather didn’t align with our free time.  We tabled the work until we returned from our family vacation. Not … Read More »

Bee Log – June

25 Jul

June didn’t have much hands on for the bees – they were buzzing about, doing what bees do:  collecting pollen, collecting nectar, converting nectar to honey. We did add medium supers to a few hives, six boxes in place – … Read More »

Bee Log – May 2016

29 May

It was a busy month. The 2 nucs arrived early in the month. The 2 splits slowly took to full. The weather was atrocious.  Cold, Rain, more core and more rain.  It wasn’t until the last week of May that … Read More »